About Us

WINGSS Humanitarian Aid Organization formerly Wings of Hope Community Association was founded in London in 2002 and registered with the UK Charity Commission in 2004. The charity’s primary mission was to support the local community, specifically the single parents from Ethnic Minorities, to develop their skills and introduce them to the job market. In 2011, the Board of Trustees decided to extend Wings of Hope Community Association’s support and register the charity in Sudan where millions of vulnerable people need support. Our target is utilizing our funds in the most efficient way to improve people’s lives in Africa and primarily in the Sudan where there are huge concerns regarding health, water, food insecurity and much more in conflict zones

Our Mission

WINGSS Humanitarian Aid Organization provides Humanitarian Aid in Sudan where people need safe, clean water, food, healthcare, protection, education and other life-saving facilities and actions. Wingss’ mission is to save and improve lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to play an essential role in saving lives and developing communities.